“… Marie-lyne, your work is, well, the words “over-the-top” don’t come anywhere near describing your breadth of talent. Mesmerizingly beautiful is more appropriate.”
Ted Kingston Jan 2017

I welcome you to explore my art, discover my ease and find the visual inspiration that enlivens you and enriches your journey. The summer brings Magic with my Collection Magie de Mont-Tremblant and Contemporary landscapes. Both are being exposed at the Galerie 806 of Centre Ville Mont-Tremblant. My summer events and exhibits are being added to my events section.My ONLINE GALLERY shows some of my available original pieces and all enquiry are welcome by email. My artwork can also be appreciated on my instagram page @ mlbourassa.art.The opportunity to embellish your space is just an email away.  

About my art

Creating my artwork brings me into full presence as I explore while combining spontaneity and mastery. I may use up to several dozen of layers of paint on wood or canvas, mirroring the multiple layers of life experience. I engage in play with colours, textures, knives, scrapers, brushes, and water sprays to compose from a bare surface a composition I love.

We are surrounded by unique textures and complex layers in both nature and as human beings. I bring through my art the conscious effort of experiencing appreciation towards this infinite beauty.

got questions? don’t hesitate to ask!

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